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FinTech Advisory Services

Our FinTech Advisory services brings together insights and solutions to empower the FinTech Disruption, engage the FinTech Community and strengthen FinTech Innovation.

Strategic FinTech Advisory


Strategic FinTech Review

Implementation Planning

Future Stage Development

Ongoing Board Advisory

  • FinTech Partnership Strategies

  • Gap Assessments for Current vs. Aspired

  • Competitive Advantages

  • Monetization Timeline

  • Strategic Plan

  • Ad-hoc Counsel

  • Internal & External Consultative Mentoring

  • Market Intelligence Analysis

  • Relationship Development

  • Build/Partner vs. Buy Analysis

  • Tactical Financial & Operational Commitment Packs

  • Team Buildout, Hiring Assistance & Scalability

  • Technology Development Roadmap (agile & waterfall)

  • Vendor Diligence & Negotiation

  • Business Model Evaluation

  • Marketing Plan

  • FinTech Market Positioning

  • Competitive advantage Analysis

  • SWOT Analysis


Strategic FinTech Review

Implementation Process

  • Select and engage with potential FinTech partners

  • Contact potential partners and arrange for preliminary validation

  • Initial due diligence

  • Strategize business offerings of partners and support its business objectives

  • Refine/review initial engagement, strategy and/or product/service offerings 

  • Detailed due diligence

  • Continuous review of metrics, KPI reporting systems and framework to ensure relevance, accuracy and strategic fit

  • Provide framework for business development and optimize presentation to catalyze partners conversion

  • Receive and review final engagements

  • Leverage on networks and partners to negotiate long-term distribution and partnership agreements

Deal Execution

  • Develop and negotiate valuation and deal structure

  • Put in place necessary legal structure and safeguards for long-term development

  • Coordination of advisory relationships (lawyers, accountants, other)

  • Negotiation of principal terms to guide legal documentation completion

FinTech Solution Sourcing

  • Refine FinTech strategic requirements

  • Identify key FinTech segments to analyze growth potential

  • Review and select potential FinTech prospects

  • Identify key FinTech growth metrics for management reporting and review partnership avenues

  • Create data room for due diligence

  • Validate customer insights, marketing effectiveness and corporate strategies

Strategic Company Profiling

review (1).png
  • Develop FinTech sectors (Artificial Intelligence, Insurance, Internet of things etc.)

  • Conduct direct research and analysis of potential sectors

  • Leveraging industry relationships to source deals and analyze ROI of sectors

  • Develop and prioritize initial deal flow pipeline

  • Approximate earning quality and appraise financial performance of potential sectors

  • Lead partners’ insight understanding and valuation of idea potential

  • Initial due diligence

  • Refine deal flow pipeline

Strategic FinTech Review

execution (1).png
  • Initiate meetings to evaluate strategic fit, alignment of performance goals and nature of collaboration

  • Develop target and potential partnership relationship

  • Refine initial due diligence based on direct target input

  • Make initial non-binding offer

  • Conduct detailed due diligence

  • Make final offer

  • Enter exclusivity with target

Implementation Process

completed (1).png

Deal Execution

  • Develop and negotiate valuation and deal structure

  • Coordination of advisory relationships (lawyers, accountants, others)

  • Negotiation of principal terms to guide legal documentation

  • Completion

Fund Raising

We can assist companies with growth fund raising:


Seed capital and Series A fund-raising


Pre-IPO capital raising


Capital raises at listing

Public Listing 


Company set-up and structuring


Coordinating with lawyers, auditors and the relevant stock exchanges.


Finding the right board of directors


Assist with accounting and tax services


Assist in dual listing of your company

After listing we can additionally assist to keep you in compliance with the exchange and securities commission.

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