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We are innovation seeders that scales FinTech ecosystem.

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The FinTech Consortium is FinTech Incubator and acts as FinTech Ecosystem Builder that aims to further the development, interaction and acceleration of the FinTech ecosystems. We foster synergies among market players, including government bodies, financial institutions, corporates, investors and innovators, who believe that technology can bring added value to the financial industry.

Through our FinTech incubation platform, we offer corporate incubation, research lab and venture acceleration as well as provide access to analytical tools and FinTech related resources.

We believe that FinTech is a crucial infrastructure layer for Financial centers to maintain and strengthen its leadership in financial services.

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Site Map
North America Office

2125 Broadway

Redwood City

California 94063


300 Park Avenue

12th Floor

P.O Box 10022

New York, USA

440 Burroughs Street

3rd Floor, Suite 390

Michigan 48202

Detroit, USA 

Middle East Office

Amman - Jordan

King Hussein Business Park

Building GH - 10

Migrate 1st Floor

Arcapita, Bahrain Bay

3rd Floor
P.O. Box 11299
Manama, Bahrain

Asia Office

5 Shenton Way

UIC, #10-01

P.O Box 068808


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