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Partnership With FinTech México

We are pleased to announce that we are partners with FinTech Mexico. Similar to the Consortium, FinTech Mexico aims to create an conducive environment to promote the development of the FinTech ecosystem. They seek to bring together FinTech companies to strengthen the industry in Mexico and Latin America. FinTech Mexico envisions itself to be the leader of FinTech development in Latin America. They plan to encourage innovation within the country and uptake of new technologies in other sector. We look forward to a great partnership with FinTech Mexico!

Guest Speaker For CFA Society

The Singapore Fintech Consortium will be presenting an engaging and informative presentation through a holistic approach to understanding FinTech and global FinTech trends. As the FinTech movement continues to gain traction in recent years, the financial services industry is poised to evolve as it moves on into the digital age. FinTech is now a subject of strategic importance in the financial services industry, and it is imperative for the members of CFA Singapore to gain exposure to and have a heightened awareness of FinTech. This presentation is designed to explain the disruptions that FinTech has brought about and how that has changed the landscape for the financial sector, acknowledging

Appointment Of Advisor; Leo Shimada

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Leo Shimada as an Advisor to The Singapore FinTech Consortium. Leo Shimada is the Co-Founder and CEO of Crowdo, a Fintech Startup offering a full portfolio of Equity Crowdfunding and P2P Lending solutions, as well as Partner at Crowdonomic Media PLT. He is an experienced professional with over 15 years track record in the areas of finance, strategy and technology across multiple Asia markets including Japan, Malaysia, India, China and other parts of SE. Asia. He has held senior positions both at a top professional firm as well as a Fortune 500 company. Leo is also a recognized thought leader within the industry having spoken at high visibility

Partnership With Swiss FinTeCH

We are pleased to announce that we are partners with Swiss FinTeCH. With a similar vision as the Consortium, Swiss FinTeCH aims to serve as the hub of Swiss FinTech. An independent member-based and volunteer-led association, Swiss FinTeCH has members and individuals stationed locally and overseas. It engages with partners and empower individuals to be members, volunteers, advisors and partners to the organization. We look forward to a great partnership with Swiss FinTeCH!

Publication Of E-Newsletter

We are delighted to announce the release of our September E-Newsletter. In this series, the newsletter covers the four product suite releases by the Consortium. These products are the Database, Research and Joint Publications, Workshops & Presentations, and Advisory. It also covers the latest updates on the Consortium including its partnership with DBS HotSpot Pre-Accelerator, Global Payment Summit and the Interview with FutureBooks. For the latest and subsequent newsletters, Check it out and Subscribe Here

Launch Of Product Suite: Bespoke Advisory

We are delighted to announce the launch of bespoke FinTech advisory. Advisory Embedded in the regional Fintech Startup scene, The Singapore Fintech Consortium is well connected with FinTech entrepreneurs, leading angel investors, technology accelerators and venture firms. This allows us to track and map developments to the FinTech start-up ecosystem in detail as well as identifying trends, opportunities and gaps of demand around the APAC region. Well acquainted with Financial institutions and government bodies, and together with global sister organisations we are well positioned to assist in the making of informed decisions about the viability and strategic development of individual financ

Partnership With Holland FinTech

We are pleased to announce that we are partners with Holland FinTech. Holland FinTech brings together people and organisations, believing that creating a level playing field in the financial ecosystem will drive innovation. And that connecting mature players to innovative startups across borders, will accelerate financial innovation to its full potential. Leaning on the strengths and strategic position of the Netherlands towards continental Europe, Holland FinTech will is building a technology based market place in global financial innovation We look forward to a great partnership with Holland FinTech!

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