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Publication Of E-Newsletter

We are delighted to announce the release of our October E-Newsletter. In this series, the newsletter will feature Media Coverage by Singapore Business Review and Coin News Asia. It will also include our involvements in both past events (CIO Academy Asia, CFA Society Singapore), as well as upcoming events (Crowdfunding Asia Summit, FinTech Innovation Forum). Thirdly, we take this opportunity to welcome both Leo Shimada and Ryan Clarke on board as new Advisors to the Consortium. Lastly, we would like to announce our partnerships with helloPay, FinTech Singapore News, Coin News Asia, Mexico FinTech, and Swiss FinTeCH. To read about our latest newsletter, click here. To subscribe to our monthly

Plenary Speakers For Crowdfunding Asia Summit 2015

Crowdfunding Asia Summit 2015 is the first-and-only Crowdfunding summit in Asia. The enriched crowdfunding agenda this year will focus on emerging priorities and on new instruments designed to catalyze democratization of finance, featuring 6 high level plenaries across 4 overarching themes: 1) Asia Equity Regulations, 2) Debt-based / Sharing Economy, 3) Social Innovation, 4) Bridging Gaps with Talent Competitiveness. Co-Founders and Managing Partners of The Singapore Fintech Consortium, Prakash Somosundram and Gerben Visser, will be speaking on Crowdfunding Asia Summit 2015. Gerben will be speaking in the key plenary . He will be joined by: Mr. Goh Ching Ying (Securities Commission Malays

Debate Speaker For FinTech Innovation Forum 2015

Co-founder and Managing Partner of the Singapore FinTech Consortium, Prakash Somosundram, will be participating in a debate at the FinTech Innovation Forum 2015. He will be joined by: Mr. Rob Findlay (Next Bank, Founder), and Mr. Patrick Teng (Six Capital, Founder, Chief Dealer & CEO). They will be debating against the incumbents on the future of financial service: “Singapore’s status as a financial hub is under threat from Internet giants and startups looking to deliver innovative solutions and services. Can incumbents hold on to their dominant positions in corporate finance or lose out to more nimble players?” Date: 12 November 2015 Time: 9am-6pm Location: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore Reg

Partnership With HelloPay

We are pleased to announce that we are partners with helloPay. helloPay provides financial services solutions to its members and entrepreneurs. Currently operating in Singapore and Philippines, the secure payment platform provides an assortment of payment channels for entrepreneurs and their customers. “The FinTech arm of Lazada Group, helloPay launches Odyssey, a growth and mentoring program for startups in Southeast Asia. It is offered in partnership with Twilio and SurveyMonkey. A first of its kind, the program brings together the experience and expertise of domain leaders in payment, online survey and cloud communications, together on one platform. Odyssey aims to help startups in Southe

Interview With Coin News Asia

In the second part of our interview from Coin News Asia with our Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Gerben Visser on The FinTech industry and the drivers of FinTech in Singpoare. “Based on the Global Financial Centres Index, Singapore is ranked the 4th largest financial center in the world, and is also ranked in 1st place on the World Economic Forum Global Information Technology Report 2015. This confluence of financial maturity and technological readiness is critical for the acceleration of the FinTech industry, and naturally points to Singapore as a FinTech Hub.” Read more here.

Partnership With FinTech News Singapore

We are pleased to announce that we are partners with FinTech News Singapore. FinTech News Singapore supports the development of FinTech in Singapore and South East Asia, it dedicates itself to covering latest updates. This includes latest FinTech developments, trends, news, and updates on FinTech in Singapore and South East Asia. We look forward to a great partnership with FinTech News Singapore!

Interview With Coin News Asia

As part of our partnership, the consortium conducted an exclusive interview with Coin News Asia. In this interview, we discussed about the developments and advancements of the FinTech industry as well as the acceleration of FinTech. “For FinTech to accelerate, certain key ingredients must be in place, and I would argue that a certain degree of financial maturity and technological availability are critical. Looking at the various FinTech hubs across the globe, there is a pattern of greater intensity of FinTech activities in places where finance and technology meet. As we apply this lens on the APAC region, there are very obvious places where these conditions are met and FinTech is booming. Th

Partnership With Coin News Asia

We are pleased to announce that we are partners with Coin News Asia. Focusing on the Asian cryptocurrency ecosystem, Coin News Asia provides news, information and prices on bitcoin and other digital currencies. Covering news, analysis on trends and latest developments to writing reviews on cryptocurrency services. They believe in the potential of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as innovation tools to help people, finance and the digital world. We look forward to a great partnership with Coin News Asia!

Partnership With CrowdFunding Asia

We are pleased to announce that we are partners with CrowdFunding Asia. Asia’s first-and-only Crowdfunding summit, Crowdfunding Asia is a platform for connection and collaboration, allowing startups to secure funding. It provides networking opportunities, latest innovation trends in crowdfunding. Pitching and company showcasing opportunities to international delegates, potential investors and customers. We look forward to a great partnership with CrowdFunding Asia!

Presenter & Panel Speaker For FinTech IT Leadership – Transforming & Modernizing Systems

We are pleased to announce that our Co-Founder/Managing Partner, Gerben Visser , will be presenting on”Emerging Trends within Financial Institutions” and will be part of the panel on IT readiness to help their business with innovation and transformation initiatives for the FinTech IT Leadership – Transforming & Modernizing Systems. “This session brings veterans from financial industry sharing their thought on how the financial institution industry is changing and how and what IT leaders must do to stay business relevant.We will hear transformational views and strategies from these companies on how they tackle with innovation and ground-level transformation.” FinTech IT Leadership – Transform

Press Coverage: Singapore Business Review

We are delighted to be covered by Krisana Gallezo – Estaura from Singapore Business Review, with our Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Gerben Visser on challenges and opportunities brought by FinTech in the banking industry. “In our opinion, these emerging FinTech innovations and developments, should not be treated by the Banks as a threat, or approached in reactively manner with a defensive persepective. But rather perceived as an multitute of opportunities to address some of the bankings’ core challenges and by act proactively the Banks should be able to capture untapped or underserved customer segments, launch more elegant online & mobile products and services and migrate legacy IT systems t

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