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Interview With FST Media

As a second part of the interview by Daniel Paperny from FST Media, the Consortium commented on why banks need to foster a collaborative and innovative culture. “The advantage that startups have over banks is obviously that they do not have any legacy systems, nor any legacy mentality and they are also not constrained by any capital requirements, compliance or legal ramifications,…banks could learn much from FinTech and a greater collaboration would be beneficial to both parties.” Read more here.

Interview With The Asian Entrepreneur

Interview by Callum Laing from The Asian Entrepreneur, the world’s most authoritative magazine on Asian entrepreneurship, with our Co-Founder & Managing Partner Gerben Visser. In this article, Gerben shared his inspiration and motivation to become an entrepreneur in Asia and why he creates The Singapore FinTech Consortium. “We are very bullish in the south east Asian markets and we believe that Fintech is still in its embryonic state. With time, it becomes very impactful, especially in relation to providing financial services to vast numbers of under or non-banked individuals and SMEs.” The Asian Entrepreneur is a leading international business magazine that was established with the intentio

Interview With FST Media

Interview by Daniel Paperny from FST Media with our Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Gerben Visser. In this interview, Gerben shared his great passion towards FinTech and his vision behind the Singapore FinTech Consortium. He commented that banks should start changing their mindsets and learn from startups to be more nimble and agile. From an Entrepreneur’s perspective, he sees passion, expertise and leadership as the most important qualities. He also illustrates how he encourages the culture of innovation in his team as a leader. “Banks need to provide certain safety zones and have their staff talk about these sandboxes for innovation. I think that is a good first step for them to dip their t

Judge For The 31st INSEAD Venture Competition Final

We are delighted to be one of the judges for the 31st INSEAD Venture Competition Final on December 4th. In this competition, MBA and EMBA students leverage different courses and entrepreneurship electives during their INSEAD program to work on their venture projects. The competition represents a natural and exciting step in the venture’s development, allowing teams to pitch their venture concept and planning. The teams will be judged based on the business potential and likelihood of successful implementation of the projects. The social entrepreneurship award will be awarded to a team that demonstrates significant societal impact in addition to financial sustainability. The winners will be gr

Presentation For Embassy Of The Netherlands

We are pleased to announce that The Singapore FinTech Consortium will be presenting on “startups and opportunities in FinTech and Cybersecurity” in the start-up network events held by Embassy of the Netherlands. We will be joined by other presenters, including Mr. Peter van Hooft from TNO, as well as Mr Andre Hesselink, Founder of GoBear & The event will also feature the official launch of a new Embassy animation film ‘Business changes in SG’ and a new Embassy app called ‘Doing business in SG’. We look forward to the event.

Partnership With Money20/20

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Money20/20 Europe. Money20/20 is the organizer of the world’s largest scale and most engaging FinTech events focused on payments and financial services innovation for connected commerce at the intersection of mobile, retail, marketing services, data and technology. It is critical to realizing the vision of disruptive ways in which consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money. The upcoming Money20/20 Europe will be held on 4-7 April 2016 in Copenhagen, with over 3,000 attendees, including more than 1,000 CEOs, from 1,000 companies and 75 countries. It will definitely provide a world-class experience for FinTech innovators. Check out the

Press Coverage By Enterprise Innovation

We are delighted to be covered by Melissa Chua from Enterprise Innovation, with our Co-Founder & Managing Partner Prakash Somosundram on the future of financial services. The press covers the panel section of FinTech Innovation Forum 2015, discussing whether banks will retain its core position in financial services or be ousted by FinTech startups. “People can drop terms like Big Data, but startups will not get a loan if the investor community doesn’t understand the pitch.” Read more here.

Interview With IThome

Interview by Clair Ku from iThome, one of the most widely read and trusted technology media in Taiwan, on The Singapore FinTech Consortium and the FinTech trend in Singapore. “FinTech is a crucial for Singapore and Southeast Asia. Getting into FinTech market early can help Singapore maintain and strengthen its leading position in financial services.” Read the original article in Chinese here. Alternatively, you can read the translated version in English here.

Press Coverage By CNBC

We are delighted to announce our feature in CNBC. “You need to find additional value apart from just providing money, plus how are you going to manage social relationships with your investors? You cannot apply IPO regulations to this,” Indeed there is a need to consider how SMEs and startups can benefit from these platforms, both in a financial and strategic manner. With the rising startup scene and new regulatory measures in Asia, equity crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly popular funding platform. As such, issues of strategic benefits is becoming increasingly prevalent, and one that should be prioritized by investors. Read more here.

Partnership With MaRS

We are delighted to announce that MaRS will sign an agreement with the Consortium to initiate closer strategic collaboration across multiple levels of FinTech themes and sectors. MaRS Discover District in Toronto is one of the world’s largest urban innovation hubs. MaRS works with an extensive network of partners to help entrepreneurs launch and grow the innovative companies that are building our future. MaRS’ Financial Technology (FinTech) Cluster connects the financial services sector with startups developing next generation technology in emerging payments, financial services, peer-to-peer transactions, alternative lending and crypto-currencies. MaRS offers high-growth fintech startups the

Interview With Coin News Asia

In the third part of the interview from Coin News Asia, the Consortium gave an extensive statement on the rise of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in Singapore. “In Singapore, cryptocurrency is gaining steam. Being a global financial hub, Singapore provides a safe haven for investors to invest their funds. One of the world’s most renown cryptocurrency wallet and bitcoin exchanges, Coinbase is expanding to Singapore. It has currently more than 15,000 customers in Singapore. Apart from Coinbase, Singapore houses other cryptocurrency companies like BitX, CoinPip, Coin Supermarket, and Tembusu System.” Read more here.

Interview With FinTech News Singapore

We are delighted to announce our feature in FinTech News Singapore. “Finance technology has over the past few years been emerging from the ‘grass root’ start up ecosystems into receiving significant awareness and more recently obtained traction within both the financial services industry at large, as well as substantial attention from the respective government and regulatory agencies.” As Singapore is already on its way to become a global leader in FinTech with significant support provided by public and private initiatives and its foundation as a global financial center. The Consortium aims build on these foundations and support, building up Singapore’s FinTech startup ecosystem and help the

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