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Bahrain FinTech Bay launches first eNewsletter for the month of December!

​We are delighted to announce the release of Bahrain FinTech Bay first eNewsletter for the month of December. The highlight of this edition will be Bahrain FinTech Bay Launch. We will be launching in 68 days! Bahrain FinTech Bay, the leading FinTech Hub in Middle East, located in the Arcapita Building, will provide you with a physical hub to incubate insightful, scalable and impactful FinTech initiatives through innovation labs, acceleration programmes, curated activities, educational opportunities and collaborative platforms. Stay tune for more interesting updates and events every month! Click here to view the e-Newsletter.

Bahrain FinTech Bay Announces Strategic Partnership With C5 Accelerate

Manama, 14 December 2017: Bahrain FinTech Bay (“BFB”) have announced today a partnership with C5 Accelerate. Bahrain FinTech Bay is pleased to announce C5 Accelerate as a supporting partner, both organizations will work closely to drive FinTech entrepreneurship in Bahrain. Bahrain FinTech Bay and C5 Accelerate will cooperate on events and projects that will support the development of Bahrain’s FinTech ecosystem. C5 Accelerate will position its Cloud 10 Scalerator, as a plugin for FinTech startups and provide FinTech entrepreneurs access to training programs. Bahrain FinTech Bay will provide mentorship, marketing, and outreach for C5’s programs, as well as provide access for startups to valid

Central Bank of Bahrain announces partnership endorsing Bahrain FinTech Bay

Manama, 13th December 2017: The Central Bank of Bahrain (the “CBB”) has announced a partnership today officially endorsing the launch of Bahrain FinTech Bay (the “BFB”) and its Fintech initiatives in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The announcement is the most recent in a series of steps affirming the CBB’s commitment to developing Bahrain into a leader of Fintech innovation and investment in the GCC region. The CBB and its recently announced FinTech & Innovation Unit will work closely with the BFB to support the development of the Bahrain Fintech ecosystem and ensure the participation of financial institutions seeking to innovate and invest in Fintech. In addition, the CBB will work closely to supp

Everything you need to know about Singapore and Bahrain's FinTech relationship

Bahrain EDB’s Khalid Saad teases developments on the Singapore Fintech Consortium and other projects. Before Khalid Saad became Bahrain Economic Development Board’s (EDB) representative in global fintech, he made market studies, operations plans, and strategic documents as a senior consultant at Enrst & Young. He also led the implementation of a governance, risk and compliance platform in the Bahrain office and trained all their advisory staff. Now eight years in the EDB, he has helped to expand companies in Bahrain and attract new ones. He has also helped improve Bahrain’s investment outlook. Most notably, he continues to pioneer Bahrain’s fintech partnership with Singapore and other countr

Bahrain FinTech Bay Announces Strategic Partnership With Bahrain Development Bank & Rowad

Manama, 12 December 2017: Bahrain FinTech Bay (“BFB”) have announced today a partnership with Bahrain Development Bank and its Rowad Program (“Rowad”). ​ Bahrain Development Bank will be a founding partner of BFB and will work closely with the BFB to deliver certain initiatives supporting Fintech entrepreneurship, through its Rowad Platform which includes the Rowad Program, SeedFuel-Rowad, and the Invested Platform. This will provide entrepreneur support programs, access to the BFB for the Seed Fuel program for qualified Fintech companies of up to BHD 25,000 in equity investment, and the ability access the investor platform, InvestedTM. In addition to creating this direct affiliation between

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