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Bahrain FinTech Bay Launches Bahrain FinTech Bay Manifesto 2020

Manama, 31 December 2018: Bahrain FinTech Bay is pleased to announce the launch of the Bahrain FinTech Bay Manifesto 2020. The manifesto showcases aspirations for Bahrain’s FinTech ecosystem by 2020. The manifesto looks into the changing market trends caused by increased digitization of financial services. As Bahrain transitions to a digital and innovation-driven economy, the document highlights the vision for Bahrain FinTech Bay to accelerate Bahrain’s FinTech industry both domestically and regionally. The four key themes represented are funding, innovation, talent development, and regional growth. Khalid Saad, CEO of Bahrain FinTech Bay, said: “The manifesto features four key themes that w

Year End 2018 e-Newsletter

As we approach the end of 2018, we reflect back on the milestones that has helped us shape the FinTech ecosystem in Bahrain throughout the past 12 months. We would like to thank our team, residents and partners for helping us develop and grow the FinTech community in Bahrain and being part of a worldwide network that helps with FinTech sustainability. From all of us at Bahrain FinTech Bay: We wish you a Happy New Year! Click here to read more.

FinTech Consortium Announces Launch of SG FinTech Bay

SINGAPORE, 18 December, 2018 - FinTech Consortium today announced the launch of SG FinTech Bay, its Singapore FinTech platform. FinTech Consortium is expanding its FinTech model after success in Bahrain and USA. Gerben Visser, founder of FinTech Consortium said, “We are pleased to work towards accelerating our position in the South East Asian FinTech ecosystem. Singapore has been where FinTech Consortium was established a number of years ago, and the ecosystem has all the right ingredients to be significant in this growing South East Asian market for us, and we see number of opportunities to further advance our ventures.” SG FinTech Bay is launching a.o. incorporating its Venture Acceleratio

FinTech Consortium Announces the Launch of Dedicated FinTech Talent & Career Platform F

Singapore, 3rd December 2018: FinTech Consortium announces today the launch of its dedicated FinTech talent & career platform, aiming to foster the FinTech Talent ecosystem for the MENA region. aspires to become the leading dedicated FinTech Talent & Career platform for the MENA region. It brings together FinTech enthusiasts, job-seekers, recruiters, educational bodies, corporates, financial institutions, venture capitalists, regulators, startups and incubators to drive FinTech Talent forward. intends to have a Talent & Career coverage of over 15 countries in the broader MENA region, offering an array of innovative features: resume database access, job postings, educational c

November 2018 e-Newsletter

Welcome to our November monthly newsletter! In this eventful month, we give you a look at all of our exciting events hosted by Bahrain FinTech Bay including the success of our first BlockOn Conference. Also get a chance to view the first hackathon in our space and our recently released report. Click here for our newsletter.

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