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Launch Of Product Suite: Public Online Database

We are delighted to announce the roll out of the public online database.

As the FinTech movement continues to gain traction in recent years, the financial services industry is poised to evolve as the digital age descend upon us. FinTech is now a subject of strategic importance in the financial services industry, and it is imperative for the industry players to gain exposure to and have a heightened awareness of FinTech.

In that line of thought, The Singapore FinTech Consortium are set to release a series of products; presentations, workshops, research, joint publications and advisory.

We are delighted to announce the launch of The Singapore FinTech Consortium Database.

A one stop database for all that is FinTech and more; with comparable analysis between company information, statistics, funding, investors and industry funding. Learn about a wide range of companies ranging from late growth to seed stage. Gain insights into the who’s who in the FinTech field through our dynamic database; filter results by product funding, revenue model, performance, etc.

Explore our database here:

Check and see if your company is listed, update or register your profile here!

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