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Launch Of Product Suite: Workshops & Lectures

We are delighted to announce the launch of tailored FinTech workshops & lectures.

Presentation & Workshops

Engaging and informative, our workshops and lectures aims to provide a holistic insight into the global FinTech industry, tailored to suit the needs of the participants.

Acknowledging the increasing need for players to be well equipped to respond to the rise of FinTech. Our workshops and lectures are designed to explain the disruptions that FinTech has brought about and how that has changed the landscape of the financial sector.

Covering the history of FinTech as well as the contributing factors leading to the rise of FinTech. With explanation of key verticals such as Peer-to-Peer Lending, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain. In addition, thorough insight into the implications of FinTech and how disruptors unbank financial institutions. Concluding the workshop with key case studies of global FinTech companies provides participants with a global mindmap of FinTech trends and untapped opportunities in Singapore and Asia.

Workshops and lectures can be structured to be interactive and engaging, catering to fresh graduates with little to no working experience, to executives in the finance industry. Our workshops and presentations serves to stimulate their thoughts as to how FinTech may influence or impact the various financial services and functions of their respective divisions.

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