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Association With Global Payment Summit 2015

Congratulations to Global Payment Summit Singapore 2015 for the successful summit at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel on the 26-27 August 2015.

The Singapore FinTech Consortium are proud to be in association with Global Payment Summit.

Our Co-Founder/Director, Gerben Visser, participated in a lively panel debate on “What’s Hot in the Global FinTech Agenda on Payment?” alongside Don Ginsel from Holland FinTech, Janos Barberis from Hong Kong FinTech, and Markus Gnirck from Startupbootcamp FinTech Singapore.

Increasing brain drain from the financial service industry as well as the fear of missing out are contributing to the growing momentum of FinTech. Of the 150 FinTech companies based in Singapore, there are several P2P startups for the B2B space, but a lack of startups covering KYC and AML.

“I don’t see many startups are doing much in KYC / AML. If you do, I’ll invest a million right away,” Markus said.

Jointly with Global Payments Summit, we provided the opportunity for nine selected payment startups to pitch at the summit. The selected startups included KyePot, Kashmi, Toast, Tapidata, Smartpesa, SGRECX, BillPay, Invoice Interchange, and MatchMovePay. The startups gave interesting and engaging pitches on what their companies had to offer to the payments industry. The exposure was timely for startups pitching for funding, mentorship, and even to raise awareness for their service. They were an interactive addition to the summit, presenting some real life examples of financial innovation in the digital payment industry.

Once again, congratulations to Global Payment Summit 2015 for the well-organized event! We look forward to the next summit!

Global Payments Summit is the event for senior level and strategists in payments and related transactional services. Delegates include executives of banks, corporates (retail & payment focus), experts of payment services providers and staff members of regulatory institutions, government services & relevant ministries, telecommunications, retailers & merchants.

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