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Launch Of Product Suite: Bespoke Advisory

We are delighted to announce the launch of bespoke FinTech advisory.


Embedded in the regional Fintech Startup scene, The Singapore Fintech Consortium is well connected with FinTech entrepreneurs, leading angel investors, technology accelerators and venture firms. This allows us to track and map developments to the FinTech start-up ecosystem in detail as well as identifying trends, opportunities and gaps of demand around the APAC region. Well acquainted with Financial institutions and government bodies, and together with global sister organisations we are well positioned to assist in the making of informed decisions about the viability and strategic development of individual financial technologies and companies.

Through our industry-focused approach and worldwide reach, we help clients manage risk, improve performance and sustain the results.

Our FinTech Innovation Advisory assists Founding Partners to collaborate with and invest in FinTech start-ups and new technologies.

Our advisory helps Partners and Founding Partners to: • Build internal and external innovation programs • Spot future trends and understand the disruptive forces threatening specific verticals • Gain early access to the latest technologies and new business models • Validate and challenge current digital strategies • Identify and qualify FinTech investment opportunities • Co-create new digital products and services

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