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Guest Speaker For CFA Society

The Singapore Fintech Consortium will be presenting an engaging and informative presentation through a holistic approach to understanding FinTech and global FinTech trends.

As the FinTech movement continues to gain traction in recent years, the financial services industry is poised to evolve as it moves on into the digital age. FinTech is now a subject of strategic importance in the financial services industry, and it is imperative for the members of CFA Singapore to gain exposure to and have a heightened awareness of FinTech.

This presentation is designed to explain the disruptions that FinTech has brought about and how that has changed the landscape for the financial sector, acknowledging the increasing need for players to be well-equipped to respond to the rise of FinTech.

The presentation will begin with the history of FinTech as well as the contributing factors leading to the rise of FinTech, and it will also touch upon the key verticals of FinTech, such as Peer-to-Peer Lending, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. After which, participants will be shown insights into the implications of FinTech and how disruptors “unbank” financial institutions. Concluding the workshop with key case studies of global FinTech companies should provide participants with a global mindmap of FinTech trends and the untapped opportunities in Singapore and Asia.

Date: 27 October 2015 Time: 12-2pm Location: Capital Tower, FTSE Room Level 9

Register here today.

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