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Interview With Coin News Asia

As part of our partnership, the consortium conducted an exclusive interview with Coin News Asia. In this interview, we discussed about the developments and advancements of the FinTech industry as well as the acceleration of FinTech.

“For FinTech to accelerate, certain key ingredients must be in place, and I would argue that a certain degree of financial maturity and technological availability are critical. Looking at the various FinTech hubs across the globe, there is a pattern of greater intensity of FinTech activities in places where finance and technology meet. As we apply this lens on the APAC region, there are very obvious places where these conditions are met and FinTech is booming. These hubs then serve as a point of reference and influence on other developing economies, which serves to drive FinTech growth in Asia Pacific as well.”

Keep a look out for the continuation of this interview. Read more about the interview here.

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