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Plenary Speakers For Crowdfunding Asia Summit 2015

Crowdfunding Asia Summit 2015 is the first-and-only Crowdfunding summit in Asia. The enriched crowdfunding agenda this year will focus on emerging priorities and on new instruments designed to catalyze democratization of finance, featuring 6 high level plenaries across 4 overarching themes:

1) Asia Equity Regulations, 2) Debt-based / Sharing Economy, 3) Social Innovation, 4) Bridging Gaps with Talent Competitiveness.

Co-Founders and Managing Partners of The Singapore Fintech Consortium, Prakash Somosundram and Gerben Visser, will be speaking on Crowdfunding Asia Summit 2015.

Gerben will be speaking in the key plenary . He will be joined by:

Mr. Goh Ching Ying (Securities Commission Malaysia, Executive Director), Mr. Jonathan Medved (Our Crowd, CEO), Ms. Sarica Apiwatthakakul (Securities Exchange Commission of Thailand, Director), and Mr Mulya Effendi Siregar (OJK, Commissioner)

They will be discussing on the question: “Crowdfunding Equity regulations encourage new opportunities in Asia, it innovatively disrupt and influence democratization of finance. What the market needs to understand and why this channel of alternative finance emerge and grow swiftly in capital markets system to serve SMEs and startups?”.

Prakash will be moderating the second plenary. He will be joined by:

Mr. Chaisiri Kangwalyossuk (Sinwattana, Platform Creator & CTO) Dr Karndee Leopairote (C-Asean, Managing Director) Mr. Oscar Jofre (KoreConX, Founder & CEO) Mr. Markus Gnirck (Startupbootcamp, Co-founder & Global COO) Mr. Prasoon (Billion Bricks, CEO),

They will be discussing on the question: “Emerged Market been bullish with big investment, economic getting organized; Crowdfunding Asia predicts exponential growth. What changes can render the possibility to open innovation & research? Will a Robin-Hood move bridge the gaps “Rag to Riches? And where does talent fit in this change?”

Date: 9 November 2015 Time: 8am-6pm Location: Marina Bay Sands

Register here today.

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