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Partnership With MaRS

We are delighted to announce that MaRS will sign an agreement with the Consortium to initiate closer strategic collaboration across multiple levels of FinTech themes and sectors.

MaRS Discover District in Toronto is one of the world’s largest urban innovation hubs. MaRS works with an extensive network of partners to help entrepreneurs launch and grow the innovative companies that are building our future. MaRS’ Financial Technology (FinTech) Cluster connects the financial services sector with startups developing next generation technology in emerging payments, financial services, peer-to-peer transactions, alternative lending and crypto-currencies.

MaRS offers high-growth fintech startups the most comprehensive set of resources in Canada. Through a strategic network of partners, the FinTech Cluster supports entrepreneurs with rapid validation, access to investment, product feedback, sales opportunities and business advisory services.

MaRS startup ventures have created 6,500 jobs and, in the last three years alone, they have raised $1 billion in capital and generated $500 million in revenue.

Adam Nanjee, Head of MaRS FinTech said, “Our collaboration with Cyberport and The Singapore FinTech Consortium further expands MaRS FinTech’s international footprint to provide our startups and corporate partners with access to venture capital, financial institutions and technology connections in Hong Kong and Singapore’s thriving FinTech communities.”

Read the full press release here.

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