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Interview With FST Media

Interview by Daniel Paperny from FST Media with our Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Gerben Visser.

In this interview, Gerben shared his great passion towards FinTech and his vision behind the Singapore FinTech Consortium. He commented that banks should start changing their mindsets and learn from startups to be more nimble and agile. From an Entrepreneur’s perspective, he sees passion, expertise and leadership as the most important qualities. He also illustrates how he encourages the culture of innovation in his team as a leader.

“Banks need to provide certain safety zones and have their staff talk about these sandboxes for innovation. I think that is a good first step for them to dip their toes in the water and create a platform where they can start engaging with startups.”

FST Media produces a number of successful technology conferences, roundtables and specialist publications for the banking, insurance, wealth management and government sectors across the Asia Pacific region. The team prides its reputation on unparalleled access to senior financial services executives, and the delivery of high-quality information on trends and disruptions in the financial services sector.

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