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Interview With The Asian Entrepreneur

Interview by Callum Laing from The Asian Entrepreneur, the world’s most authoritative magazine on Asian entrepreneurship, with our Co-Founder & Managing Partner Gerben Visser.

In this article, Gerben shared his inspiration and motivation to become an entrepreneur in Asia and why he creates The Singapore FinTech Consortium.

“We are very bullish in the south east Asian markets and we believe that Fintech is still in its embryonic state. With time, it becomes very impactful, especially in relation to providing financial services to vast numbers of under or non-banked individuals and SMEs.”

The Asian Entrepreneur is a leading international business magazine that was established with the intention of documenting leading developments in business industries across Asia via profiling entrepreneurs and business owners. It is the very first business magazine with the specialized focus on the startup scene and is a first mover of its kind. To date, it has the largest database of profiled Asian entrepreneurs in the world and has substantial readership in over 20 countries.

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