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Partnership With Marketforce

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Marketforce over the event of The Future of Digital Banking: Asia Pacific.

Marketforce has produced and managed over 60 industry leading B2B strategic conferences, training courses, lecture series and webinars every year, as well as providing insights through reports and surveys.

Its event on March 15-16, 2016, The Future of Digital Banking: Asia Pacific, will bring together the leading financial innovators from across South East Asia and the rest of the world in order to share insight and ideas on banking in the digital age. Speakers include head of digital and innovation from various big banks such as HSBC, DBS, Standard Chartered and so on. Big Tech companies like googles and other FinTech start-ups will also participate in this event.

All our members will receive 25% discount with our exclusive code <DBA2016SFTC>.

Read more & register here.

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