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First Canadian FinTech Venture To MaRS Singapore Hub

The Singapore FinTech Consortium and MaRS Discovery District’s FinTech cluster are pleased to announce that MaRS FinTech venture Bluzelle will set up its Asia office in Singapore. Bluzelle is the first venture to establish operations in Singapore after the establishment of the MaRS-Singapore FinTech partnership.

The MaRS Singapore Hub is a new co-working space that will enable high-growth FinTech startups from Canada to expand and scale their businesses to Southeast Asia by leveraging venture capital, institutional and government connections via the consortium.

Vancouver-based Bluzelle, which builds blockchain and Ripple-based software solutions, will officially open its Singapore office at the hub on February 1, 2016 and will offer a series of blockchain workshops for financial institutions jointly with The Singapore FinTech Consortium beginning in February 2016.

This partnership and initiative are significant steps toward strengthening the bridge and cross-border collaborations between the FinTech ecosystems in Singapore and Canada, as well as toward fostering FinTech innovation and entrepreneurship between the countries.

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