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InsurTech Rebranding Announcement

We are excited to announced that as part of our rebranding strategy, our InsurTech Platform has now officially changed from InsurTech to InsurByte. This name change is a result of our branding effort designed to position our platform better within the InsurTech ecosystem.

The word ‘byte’ refers to a unit of digital information that most commonly consists of eight bits. As insurance is rapidly developing in the digital/technological world, we believe the combination of the two is the most appropriate for our Insurance Technology platform. Moreover, the word ‘byte’ has a similar sound to ‘bite’, which refers to snack on. Through this wordplay, we hope to attract audience who can have ‘a little bite’ with us, and join us on our Insurance Journey.

May we take this opportunity to thank everyone for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you at our InsurByte Conference 2017 on the 26th-27th of September 2017!

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