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We are pleased to announce PARIMA as a partner for InsurByte 2017, incubated by FinTech Consortium.

Singapore, August 4, 2017

To our valued delegates, participants and partners:

We are proud to announce that InsurByte 2017, incubated by FinTech Consortium, and PARIMA are aligning focus, efforts and resources to expand our collective market presence.

PARIMA is the largest risk manager community in the Asia-Pacific with the aim of strengthening and enhancing the culture of risk management in the region.

InsurByte 2017 is taking place at Lattice 80, the dedicated global FinTech Hub, on 26th & 27th September and will feature keynotes by industry specialists, fireside chats, roundtable discussions, demos by startups and rich panel discussions.

Members of PARIMA will receive an exclusive 15% discount code on standard ticket rates.

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