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Partnership With GetSmarter & University of Oxford - FinTech Programme

In recognition of both the threats facing traditional banking careers, and the myriad opportunities emerging in the fintech space, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, has, in collaboration with leading online education provider, GetSmarter, developed a digital open enrolment programme for executives and entrepreneurs on financial technology and innovation: the Oxford Fintech Programme.

This 10-week online programme will be Co-Convened by Nir Vulkan and David Shrier, and is designed to equip you with the ability to identify opportunities for disruption in the financial services sector, and enables you to both launch new fintech ventures and harness new technology to build better financial services firms.

The FinTech Consortium is pleased to be working with GetSmarter to offer our network the opportunity to take part in the first presentation of the Oxford Fintech Programme, which starts on 9 October, 2017.

For corporate packages inquiries, contact us here:

For individual registration, click here

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