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Press Release: FinTech Consortium Opens Office in New York

Fintech Consortium announced today the formation and launch of FinTech Consortium USA and the opening of it’s office at 300 Park Avenue, New York.

FinTech Consortium USA will now be the entity through which FinTech Consortium will deploy all its expertise, platforms and resources to take an active role in FinTech initiatives and ventures in the United States. FinTech Consortium USA has been incorporated as a US company.

Commenting on the launch of FinTech Consortium USA, Mr Gerben Visser, Founder of FinTech Consortium (Singapore-based) stated "We are excited to see that after many months of work with key stakeholders in the United States, we have reached a point where we are able to clearly convey our confidence and long-term commitment to North America. "

Maissan Almaskati, Chairman of FinTech Consortium USA, also commented "We are pleased to extend our platform to the United States and establish a presence in New York City. We look forward to integrating this presence into our global network to offer American Fintech firms and start-ups a unique growth and development proposition, no different to our offering in Asia and the Middle East."

Press Release: FinTech Consortium Opens Office in New York

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