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Bahrain FinTech Bay Announces New Founding Partnership

Bahrain Fintech Bay (BFB) have today announced its 28th Founding Partner, BNP Paribas.

In addition to 27 other Founding Partners including organisations such as Microsoft, Batelco, American Express and the National Bank of Bahrain; BNP Paribas have joined the national initiative to drive FinTech entrepreneurship in Bahrain. Together, the bank will co-operate with BFB and other Founding Partners on events and projects which will promote the development of the country’s FinTech ecosystem.

“BNP Paribas is proud to be a Founding Partner of Bahrain FinTech Bay, an organisation which is playing a vital role in the support and enhancement of FinTech entrepreneurship in the country. Working in close co-operation with BFB, we hope to reinforce the creation of a robust ecosystem which enables FinTechs to comprehensively develop their concepts, and launch them successfully.” said Ayman Ajaj, Chief Information Officer, BNP Paribas.

Maissan Al Maskati, Chairman of FinTech Consortium Bahrain said: “We are pleased to enter into this founding partnership with BNP Paribas. An important component of Bahrain Fintech Bay’s mission is to support and encourage FinTech innovation and startups, and we believe that this partnership strengthens the depth of knowledge, expertise, and funding available to FinTech entrepreneurs looking at Bahrain’s offering. We are confident that through this collaboration we can create the ideal conditions for early stage innovation and FinTech entrepreneurship to truly develop in the Kingdom.”

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