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Bahrain FinTech Bay Launches Bahrain FinTech Ecosystem Report

Manama, 5 July 2018: Bahrain FinTech Bay is pleased to announce the launch of the first edition of the annual Bahrain FinTech Ecosystem Report 2018. The report is the first in-depth FinTech report dedicated to any country in the region. Bahrain and the wider region have witnessed many positive developments over the last year aimed at furthering the FinTech and innovation ecosystem. The Report will act as a reference point for educating people about those positive developments and Bahrain’s credentials as a FinTech hub.

The report covers trends and investments in FinTech globally, an overview of the MENA region, a deep dive on Bahrain including a survey with over 800 respondents locally and internationally. The report concludes with a look at the future. The report also features the profiles of Bahrain FinTech Bay’s partners.

Khalid Saad, CEO of Bahrain FinTech Bay, said: “As countries within the GCC and wider MENA region continue their transformations to digital and innovation-driven economies, we see FinTech as one of the main catalysts for this transformation. By launching this first edition of the Bahrain FinTech Ecosystem Report, we aim to shed light on Bahrain’s achievements in the FinTech space and why the country is strong positioned to be a credible and attractive FinTech hub in the region.”

Please register here for a copy of the Bahrain FinTech Ecosystem Report.

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