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Detroit FinTech Bay Announces Autobooks as Innovation Partner

Detroit, Mich., October 4, 2018 -- Autobooks has officially joined Detroit FinTech Bay as an innovation partner, marking a pairing that puts support from both brands squarely behind fintech startups in the region.

Autobooks, itself a Detroit-founded fintech startup, is in growth stage and has successfully completed two rounds of funding in two years.

“Autobooks works hard to make business banking simple by partnering with financial institutions to offer innovative business banking experiences,” said Steve Roberts, cofounder of Autobooks. “This approach allows us to focus on the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Our partnership with Detroit FinTech Bay allows us to give back to the Detroit Fintech ecosystem, and further pursue the two initiatives that we are passionate about: helping small businesses and Detroit grow.”

“Steve and the Autobooks team have a proven innovation track record,” said Maissan Almaskati, managing partner of Detroit FinTech Bay. “They bring a tremendous amount of experience and expertise that is relevant to both startups and financial institutions alike. Whether through mentorship, learnings from their innovation process, or unique product solutions, Autobooks is well positioned to contribute to the expansion of the Fintech ecosystem in Detroit.”

The Autobooks team has a successful track record of building and scaling financial technology solutions. Known for adhering to industry-leading best practices and holding certifications in place to meet payment and banking standards, the Autobooks team also successfully navigates relationships with financial institutions, an essential feat for many fintech companies. These areas of expertise will be transferred to residents of Detroit FinTech Bay as a part of the innovation partnership.

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