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Bahrain Polytechnic signs MoU with Bahrain FinTech Bay

Bahrain Polytechnic signed a memorandum of understanding with Bahrain FinTech Bay at their offices in Bahrain Bay. The Polytechnic students will have the opportunity to develop their skills and improve their employment prospects in connection with the industry.

BFB will offer the Polytechnic students internship opportunities, work placements, cooperative projects, on the job training, and part time and summer jobs. Additionally, BFB will provide the Polytechnic with guest speakers to share their knowledge and expertise with students and staff.

This ensures that Polytechnic students will earn the necessary experience of working in a real company during their studies.

On this occasion, Dr. Jeff Zabudsky, CEO of Bahrain Polytechnic, stated: “I believe signing this memorandum with the Bahrain FinTech Bay will give our students the opportunity to develop their skills and improve their employment prospects with the industry. I’d like to thank the Bahrain FinTech Bay for cooperating with us.” concluded Dr. Zabudsky

Mr Khalid Saad, CEO of BFB stated: “Signing this memorandum between us and the Polytechnic showcases our commitment to academic institutions and organizations. We aim to support students and graduates to improve their career opportunities and to encourage them to open their own business.”

The memorandum was signed by BFB CEO Khalid Saad and the Polytechnic CEO Dr. Jeff Zabudsky, in the presence of officials from both sides.

Bahrain FinTech Bay was established earlier this year as part of a continued push in Bahrain to create the region’s leading startup ecosystem. The hub currently counts over 50 partners, including banks, corporates, government bodies, universities and Fintechs.

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