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FinTech Consortium Announces the Launch of Dedicated FinTech Talent & Career Platform F

Singapore, 3rd December 2018: FinTech Consortium announces today the launch of its dedicated FinTech talent & career platform, aiming to foster the FinTech Talent ecosystem for the MENA region. aspires to become the leading dedicated FinTech Talent & Career platform for the MENA region. It brings together FinTech enthusiasts, job-seekers, recruiters, educational bodies, corporates, financial institutions, venture capitalists, regulators, startups and incubators to drive FinTech Talent forward. intends to have a Talent & Career coverage of over 15 countries in the broader MENA region, offering an array of innovative features: resume database access, job postings, educational certifications, internship programs, response management tools, career blogs and combine them into one seamless end-to-end platform. facilitates the matching and communication of career opportunities between candidates, employers and recruiters. Leveraging on our entrepreneurial expertise and career experience in different markets, we provide candidates the best FinTech opportunities and deliver a tailored recruitment offering for employers. If you are an employer,’s advanced recruitment solutions will enable you to source talent efficiently and access our large pool of candidates with the right skill-sets to optimise your organisational requirements. If you are a candidate, you will be given a vital edge to maximise your career with latest opportunities, market intelligence, news, career-shaping articles and access to career listings from reputable FinTech organisations. is committed to continuously improving its value proposition and providing candidates, employers and recruiters a continuous developing digital platform, combined with a full-service Talent & Career offering.

"Furthermore, as financial technology, corporate innovation, and technopreneurship are gaining traction in the MENA region, more understanding and guidance is required for employers and job seekers to provide them with meaningful tools and access to talent and career development opportunities". said Gerben Visser, Founder of the FinTech Consortium. "We believe has an opportunity to become the leading FinTech Talent & Career platform for the MENA region." said Gerben Visser, Founder of the FinTech Consortium.

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