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FinTech Consortium Announces Launch of SG FinTech Bay

SINGAPORE, 18 December, 2018 - FinTech Consortium today announced the launch of SG FinTech Bay, its Singapore FinTech platform. FinTech Consortium is expanding its FinTech model after success in Bahrain and USA.

Gerben Visser, founder of FinTech Consortium said, “We are pleased to work towards accelerating our position in the South East Asian FinTech ecosystem. Singapore has been where FinTech Consortium was established a number of years ago, and the ecosystem has all the right ingredients to be significant in this growing South East Asian market for us, and we see number of opportunities to further advance our ventures.”

SG FinTech Bay is launching a.o. incorporating its Venture Acceleration Program and FinTech Talent Program and is looking for FinTech Companies, who want to expand into the South East Asian markets. FinTech Consortium has a local team in place, to integrate SG FinTech Bay into its established regional network and link to its other FinTech related ventures.

For more information on SG FinTech Bay, visit

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