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Silicon FinTech Bay Launches a Venture Acceleration Program for Startups; Now open to Applications

REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA, Tuesday 31 May, 2019- Silicon FinTech Bay (“SFB”) today announced the launch of its Venture Acceleration Program (“VAP”) for Fintech startups. Opening on June 3rd, the VAP will accelerate startups through their next phase of growth and support their expansion into new markets through the FinTech Consortium’s network within the United States and internationally.

FinTech startups, seeking growth domestically within the United States, or those interested in testing their products and solutions in new markets internationally, are encouraged to apply for the VAP, which provides them with direct access to FinTech Consortium’s global network of partners comprising of financial institutions, technology firms, regulators and investors. In addition, startups will be provided with complimentary access and use of working space at Silicon FinTech Bay. Those seeking international opportunities will benefit from Fintech Consortium’s presence and network in Asia and the Middle East, specifically Singapore Fintech Bay and Bahrain Fintech Bay. All Fintech startups will be provided with mentorship and support services that are customized to their individual needs.

Interested Fintech startups may apply at:

Applications for the VAP Program are accepted on an on-going, rolling basis.


1. Who can apply?

Fintech startups seeking to expand into new markets like Asia, MENA and North America.

2. What are applicant requirements?

Fintech startups which are already incorporated, actively operating and generating revenues , with ambitious plans to expand into the Asian, MENA or North American markets.

3. What is the program application process?

The VAP reviews applications on a rolling-basis, and conducts interviews on a quarterly basis, if an applicant is able to be present at Silicon FinTech Bay. If an applicant is unable to be present in-person, the VAP will send questions via email or administer video interviews.

4. Where is the location of the Venture Acceleration Program?

The Venture Acceleration Program is managed by and held at Silicon Fintech Bay. Applicants interested in the US domestic market shall work with our silicon valley team at this location, and those seeking international growth shall commence the program at Silicon Fintech Bay and then work with our hubs in Asia and the Middle East depending on their needs. Applicants unable to attend physically at the silicon valley location, may also participate in the program by choosing to work through our hub locations in Detroit, Singapore and Bahrain.

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