Associate, FinTech Consortium


Associate, InQvest Partners


Associate, Bahrain FinTech Bay​

BBM (Marketing Major), Singapore Management University

Sushrut Jindel

Sushrut Jindel is an Associate at FinTech Consortium.

Sushrut Jindel is also an Analyst of InQvest Partners, a dedicated FinTech VC firm and an Analyst of Bahrain FinTech Bay.


Sushrut was exposed to qualities essential for an effective marketer such as spontaneity, creativity and strategic planning through his internships at The Coca-Cola Company in Singapore and India.


He’s passionate about the performing arts and won the Singapore Latin Championship last year in the Amateur Salsa Category. Currently, in the SMU Salsa team, he will be heading to India in July to compete at the India International Dance Congress.